Sunday, June 30, 2013

Police visit Ridgepointe... again.

I have discovered a benefit to having Lucky that I never considered when we adopted him.

He gets a bonus walk through the apartment complex when I hear a dispatch on the police scanner to Ridgepointe.  I have an excuse to walk by the apartment that officers are visiting to be a snoop, and no one is the wiser (unless they read my blog of course).

Tonight I heard a dispatch for a dispute involving an apartment on the east side of the complex.  Apparently someone was babysitting a dog and didn't want to give it back to whoever owned it when they came to pick it up.  Police dispatch this kind of thing as a 'fight brewing'.  It's basically an effort to keep the peace.

I wasn't surprised by the apartment in question.  The outside of their apartment always looks like they're setting up for a yard sale (Hoarders?) and the last few weeks when I've attempted to walk Lucky by there is a very large dog that growls and snarls.  I hope that's the dog that is going back to it's owner.

Thanks to Lucky, I was able to walk by the police car to get a photo and the officer just thought I was walking my dog (which I was.... ).

Good dog.

Tucson Police Department cruiser at Ridgepointe Apartments
Bad boys bad boys... whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when someone won't give a dog back to you?