Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Commercial shoot at Curacao

Most of the show content that we produce is done in our building at our studio.  Once in a while, we do video shoots on location.  Today was one of those days.

I spent the afternoon at Curacao.  Curacao is a store located in a strip mall southwest of I-10 and 6th Avenue and could be best classified as a department store.  But, it's a bit of an unusual style department store because they just sell hard goods (no clothing) like electronics, furniture, appliances, bikes, that sort of thing.  It's a gigantic store and very nice inside.

We shot some segments that will air this fall on the show.  I hung out at the shoot to support.

While I was there, I shot some behind the scenes photos of the video shoot and also some photos of the inside of the store.

Getting ready for the first segment.
Setting up the shot while the on-camera talent gets final instructions.

Amanda from the Morning Blend and Nitzia from Curacao doing a segment in front of the TV wall

In the computer department.  And.... action.

A young man trying out this dance video game while his dad looks on.

The TV department at Curacao.
That's a video of Shakira on the big TV on the left, in 3D.

Lindsay and Austin shooting b-roll in the TV department.

A wide view showing approximately half of the store as seen from the furniture department.

An artsy photo of stove tops.

A long row of vacuums and Power Wheels cars beyond that.

Sewing machines and irons waiting for a good home.

Coffee pots and espresso machines

Amanda and Nitzia doing a segment in the furniture department.

A Barbie Power Wheels car.
Where Barbie goes... Ken follows.


Austin and Lindsay shooting b-roll of the inside of a refrigerator.

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Exterior of Curacao in Tucson.