Saturday, June 8, 2013

A full moon and a hole

I was changing the battery on one of my cameras today and realized there were two photos on it I had not posted.

The first one below is of a full moon on May 25th.  I had gone to Walgreen's Neighborhood Market at Golf Links and Kolb because the one I usually go to was out of vitamins that I like.  I walked out of the store and thought it made for a cool photo.

The second photo below is of a hole.  Specifically, it's a hole that had to be dug near one of the barbecue grills by my apartment.  It had been bubbling up water under that location for days (and was attracting a ton of bees during daylight hours) so I'm glad the Ridgepointe maintenance staff got to work on it.  It must not have been too difficult of a repair, because the hole was only there one day.

Full moon as seen from the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot at Golf Links and Kolb.
(If you can't tell which blob of light is the moon, it's the largest one in the top right quarter of the photo)

A hole to fix a leaking pipe underground at Ridgepointe Apartments
If you have a big hole, it is best to cover it with wood.