Sunday, June 23, 2013

A California Club and a sparkler

It's Sunday, which is the weekly outing that Anthony and I have together.  He wasn't feeling good last week so I had to go to the grocery store alone this past Sunday.  We were back to our regular routine today.

We had dinner at Jason's Deli on Broadway Blvd across from Park Place Mall.  The food was good (as Jason's always is) and the ice cream is still free.  As per custom on Sunday evenings, we ate in another almost empty restaurant.  I'm convinced that nearly no one goes out to eat on Sundays besides Anthony and I.  It doesn't matter what restaurant it is.  Either that, or people see me coming and run out the back door.

We went to Walmart Neighborhood Market on 22nd and Craycroft for grocery shopping.  It was a pretty routine trip except for being stopped on the way in from the parking lot and on the way out to the car by panhandlers.  I had a good laugh (to myself when it happened) when the woman who asked on the way out got a head shake and pissed off look from me, then she got a fearful look on her face and said "Sorry.  Drive safe."  I do not give money to panhandlers.  I'd rather eat my own poop before doing that.

Jason's Deli on Broadway Blvd in Tucson across from Park Place Mall

A California Club sandwich on a croissant from Jason's Deli
I asked Anthony what the green and red things were on it and he said "vegetables".
I thought that is what the white things were with the ridges between the sandwich halves.

Anthony and I ate in an empty Jason's Deli
I pretend we hold the world record for the most times eating in an empty restaurant.

Jason's Deli FREE ice cream!
I love ice cream, and I love free.

A selfie photo of Anthony and I in front of Jason's Deli and next to the Ken Carr car

Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft sells fireworks.
The odd part:  It is illegal to use fireworks of any kind within the Tucson city limits.