Monday, September 26, 2011

The Patti Labelle shoutout

Friday night I had a completely wacky moment.

I was working the Mega Monsoon Party at Desert Diamond Casino as I do most Fridays.  I got a text from a co-worker who was at the Patti Labelle concert at Centennial Hall.

She told me that Patti gave me a shoutout on stage at the concert!

I had done a phone interview with her earlier in the week.  It was a strange interview.  She did it by cell phone and her call dropped 3 minutes in.  She did call back and we finished up about ten minutes worth of interview which I used pieces of on the air.  She didn't really answer the questions I was asking her.  But, it was a privilege to speak to her and she was gracious and very very nice.

She was kind enough to remember the interview and said my name on stage.  I wasn't even there to hear it.  How wacky is that?

Thanks Patti!  That was awesome!

Housesitting at Terri's

I did a night of house / dog sitting at my co-worker Terri's.

Of course I took pictures!

Harley the dog coming through the doggie door. Nice house! Here's the living room.

Gorgeous kitchen

View from inside the front door

Living room into the kitchen

Master bedroom

Master bathroom. Notice I'm waving in the mirror. Holy crap. I was taking this photo just before 4 a.m.!

I'm a ham. Harley's not interested.

Mega Monsoon Party at Desert Diamond Casino on Sept 24 2011

Photos from the Mega Monsoon Party on Sept 24, 2011.

Debra says hello to JP


Debra, JP, and Joann

Wave your hands in the air... like you don't care...

Joann hates it when I catch her in a KENdid dance move

Debra, Joann, and DJ Louie

Joann and Debra do some dancin'

DJ Louie hard at work

Club starting to fill up

Lauryn and JP strikin' a pose

Pre-pose photo

Dance floor

Club getting busier


Lavender suits are all the rage these days

Happy Birthday! Now stick up your hands!

Writing down a request

Prize sign up

Wendi and Stephen do the Cupid Shuffle

Another Lauryn and JP photo just for good measure

Cyndi and her crew

Still doing the Cupid Shuffle

Cupid Shuffle... what the hell are they doing?

Friday, September 23, 2011

How LA Fitness almost got me into trouble

I had just finished a live broadcast at O'Rielly Chevrolet.

There was no room to park on the O'Rielly lot so I had parked next to BevMo to the east.  I was returning to my car and noticed that the LA Fitness sign had the "it" burned out so it read "LAF NESS".  Which sounded like a bad comedy club name and I thought I'd take a picture of it.

I walked down from my car, took the photo, and was returning to my car when a little pickup with yellow lights on top pulled up behind my car with what appeared to be a 90 year old woman driving in a uniform.  She apparently was the security guard on duty.  I am not exaggerating about her age.  If she was any younger than 90 life hasn't been kind to her.

The wackjob of ancient origin asked me what I was taking a picture of.  I pointed to the sign and told her that I thought it looked funny and I wanted to snap a photo to post online.

"You cannot take photos on this property without prior authorization of the property manager.  Do you have authorization of the property manager for taking photos?  And why are you parked here?  What organization are you with?"

I explained I was with Mega 106.3, I had done an event at O'Rielly, they had no available parking so I parked next to BevMo, I had take a photo of the sign because it looked funny to me, and I was leaving.

"You cannot do this.  No photos are allowed on this property without prior authorization of the property manager."

I told her I only was taking one photo, I am leaving, and I closed my trunk (I was putting my camera away).

"Do not take any additional photos or I will have to take further action."  At this point, she then drives away.

Hopefully further action would have not involved flinging her Depends diaper at me.  Park Place Mall security is FIERCE!

Here's the photo:

Hello LA Fitness. You make me LAF.

Live KENcast at O'Rielly Chevrolet

Photos from my live Mega 106.3 broadcast at O'Rielly Chevrolet in Tucson:

Listeners spin the wheel for prizes

Promotions guru Jason shows off his balancing skills.


Getting the Mega tent ready

Chevy Malibus

View of the O'Rielly lot from the Mega tent

Mega tent

O'Rielly Chevrolet showroom

Jessica and Lauren from the Mega Street Team strike a pose

Have a cookie!

Its a banner day!

Mega 106.3 at O'Rielly

Go ahead! Spin the wheel to win a prize!

Chevy Cruze

Big trucks!

Rear view of the new Chevy Volt

C'mon! Come over and win a prize!

Front view of the new Chevy Volt

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cosmic Bingo

I guest hosted Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol tonight.

The photos:

The lights get funky!

The music and lights are fun and funky

Happy Birthday to Ariana, Ashley and Rhonda

Birthday hats (and birthday nachos and Frito pie)
Birthday boys

She turned 40. An immature 40.
Anthony took this picture of me working. I had to use my Blackberry to get the score of the
Arizona football game to share with the crowd (they lost to Stanford, boo hoo).