Monday, September 26, 2011

The Patti Labelle shoutout

Friday night I had a completely wacky moment.

I was working the Mega Monsoon Party at Desert Diamond Casino as I do most Fridays.  I got a text from a co-worker who was at the Patti Labelle concert at Centennial Hall.

She told me that Patti gave me a shoutout on stage at the concert!

I had done a phone interview with her earlier in the week.  It was a strange interview.  She did it by cell phone and her call dropped 3 minutes in.  She did call back and we finished up about ten minutes worth of interview which I used pieces of on the air.  She didn't really answer the questions I was asking her.  But, it was a privilege to speak to her and she was gracious and very very nice.

She was kind enough to remember the interview and said my name on stage.  I wasn't even there to hear it.  How wacky is that?

Thanks Patti!  That was awesome!