Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Million Dollar Game Show

I went to the Million Dollar Game Show event at Casino Del Sol on Labor Day.

I was full of hope I'd win something. Four hours of my life = not getting my name drawn.

Life can be cruel sometimes.

The event was emceed by Shannon Black (who I worked together with years ago at 93.7 KRQ) and Porkchop of 99.5 KIIM-FM, the country music station in Tucson.  There was a lot of steps to get to the grand prize winner (who didn't win a million but did win $20,000).  In an epic moment, Shannon awarded the prize to the wrong winner and had to correct it per casino rules.  It did get an audience boo.  I felt for her because its one of those moments when you emcee an event that occasionally happens because we're all human.

A few photos from my perspective in the audience:

Local band performed before the game show began

104 contestants make their way onto the stage

These 104 were narrowed down to one $20,000 winner