Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Best of the Blend Photos - May 2013

I shoot the still photos that go onto Facebook for the Morning Blend each day.  I average about 6000 photos per month that get narrowed down to a few hundred, those are the ones that I post online.

I thought it would be fun to share a handful of the many I take on my blog.  I love taking photos, and since I put most of the pictures I take up on this website from my own life and experiences it only makes sense to feature a few each month from the show as well.

My intent is to do this regularly.  So, plan your life around it.

Samantha from the Humane Society with two adorable puppies

Amanda and Shelley demonstrating how to burn the edges of fabric

The Million Dollar Quartet performs on the show.
Check out the head/hair flip by the performer on the left.

Amanda and a dog from the Humane Society get acquainted.

Amanda and Sally make a craft project created by Allison (the producer that works with me) and I:
Homemade bouncy balls.
Insert your own joke here.

Amanda checks out the Tummy Bed while Sally pats her on the head.

Amanda and Jody taste some chocolate made with cocoa beans from scratch.
It's not a great photo... except that I find photos of people eating totally hilarious.

A dog in mid-lick.

Show interns Cole and Taylor.
A candid photo of them watching a segment in progress on the set.

Shelley demonstrates a device that delivers a caffeine product to the area
under your eyelids while Amanda and Sally look on.

Dr. William Belfar, a physician from New York City, talks about the best ways to deal with a hangover
while Sally tests out the pillow for a stand up nap.

This is Sirsy, a duo that performed on the show.
The girl on the left sings and plays drums at the same time, and has a voice with enough power to blow your hair back.

Santiago from the Children's Museum Tucson is on the left, and showed Amanda and Shelley
how a compound called Hydrogel that Amanda is mixing with water instantly absorbs the liquid.
It's the same chemical compound that is put in diapers to give them their absorbing power.

This group of air talent from the radio stations in our building was assembling to shoot a TV promo.
I caught them at a candid moment.

KGUN news anchor Guy Atchley, Sally and Amanda at the Stuff the Bus for Oklahoma event
doing a live broadcast.

This dog from the Humane Society is super sweet / awesome.
Unfortunately, he's been waiting to be adopted since February.
He has a prominent underbite and a lot of people are hesitant to adopt animals when they aren't perfect.
That's a shame because he's an awesome dog.  I hope they find him a home soon.