Monday, May 27, 2013

Police at Ridgepointe, I KENvestigate

I heard a police dispatch on the emergency scanner for the apartment complex I live in and decided to check it out last night.

I have the best excuse:  Walking Lucky.  He gets some fresh air and a chance to poop, and I get to snoop on my neighbors.

It was an apartment on the north end of the complex.  When I walked by, Lucky conveniently got interested in the smells at the bottom of a light post and I watched while two police officers kept banging on a door announcing who they were.  Lucky got tired of smelling other dog's pee and started walking on, but not before the woman in the apartment finally opened the door.

I walked back by with Lucky a few minutes later to overhear an officer explaining that it wasn't her choice, that the state of Arizona requires something or other.  That usually indicates a domestic violence arrest (I've watched Cops enough to learn how that works).

The whole thing wasn't very dramatic but it was exciting for a few minutes.  And Lucky was grateful that he got to go out and do his business.

Mission accomplished.

Police visit Ridgepointe, I take photo.
The end.