Sunday, May 26, 2013

Soak Sunday Pool Party at Casino Del Sol

I've been working in television as a producer / executive producer since October 2011.  But, my previous 25 years of experience in radio and it's associated tasks hasn't completely gone away.  I still voice the occasional commercial, and today I was the emcee / hosted the Soak Sunday "Old School by the Pool" party at Casino Del Sol on behalf of Main Events and 106.3 The Groove.

I was excited for three reasons:  I appreciate the opportunity to make extra money, it was a fun event where I was going to be on the mic and in front of people, and it gave me the chance to shoot some photos with my Nikon J1 camera.

As far as the event itself, the pool is awesome at Casino Del Sol.  It's large, they have a bar outside and lot of cabanas and lounge chairs, and tons of space.  If you are considering going to one of their pool parties, I'd highly recommend it.

Since this event was outdoors, I was able to do shoot at some fast shutter speeds (one of the things I'm working on mastering recently is shutter speed photography), and I think that these came out ok.

Check out the Kenparazzi photos:

Playing with beach balls at the Soak Sunday Pool Party at Casino Del Sol
This was just after the party started

DJ Richie Rich with Main Events spinning tunes under the 106.3 The Groove tent.
The Groove's Promotions Director Rosanna is behind him.

These squirty things are pretty neat that shoot water streams into the pool

A water feature near the pool

Rich holds the tent down, it was windy at the beginning of the afternoon.

These two partygoers were avoiding the squirty water streams in the pool

Alex and Joe from the 106.3 The Groove promotions team

Oasis Bar at the Casino Del Sol pool

Alex and Joe are armed (with squirt guns) and dangerous.

Cabanas at the Casino Del Sol pool

This wacky woman was dancing by herself... and whipping her hair back and forth..

J.P. from 106.3 The Groove gets his groove on.

Oasis Bar at the Casino Del Sol pool

These wonderful women from Corona Beer were kind enough to pose for a photo with me.
I sure am a pale bastard.

Water spewing from this feature.

Looking south across the pool

Happy Birthday Angelica Aros (she's in the pink on the right and hanging out with her friends).
She won a private cantina for the party from 106.3.

Partygoers enjoying the pool and afternoon sun.

Here's Joe, who is getting photobombed by that woman on the left.

The water squirting thingys later in the afternoon.
One of my favorite photos from the day.

A man throwing a Frisbee. 

A group of Soak Sunday partygoers dancing to the Cupid Shuffle

This is Travis and Sandy Palmer.  They got married on Friday night.
 It seems that they like each other.

Guys trying to grab the football.

Final game of the day to win tickets and a Kindle.
Alex and Joe from 106.3 The Groove in the center.