Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oscar Mayer Bacon Dogs

After seeing photos of Oscar Mayer Bacon hot dogs online, I decided to buy some to try.  They had them at Walmart Neighborhood Market on Sunday when Anthony and I went shopping.

It seems like it would be difficult to make the bacon very prominent based on the front of the package.  It clearly states:  Turkey, chicken, pork and bacon.  If they were really true bacon hot dogs, they should only have bacon.  Maybe technology hasn't advanced enough yet to make that a reality so they have to throw a bunch of other stuff in.

I've had two out of the package so far.  I don't think the taste of bacon is really prominent.  However, it may be due to how I prepared them.  I microwaved them.  Sometimes microwaving hot dogs (any kind) gives them a more bland flavor than putting them on a grill or boiling them.  But, I don't like to spend much time making food so the microwave is the best way to cook.

I think they are tasty.  They have a bit of a smoky flavor.  I have discovered there is a reason for that... smoke flavor has been added.  So, while they taste good there is a bit of deception going on.  It seems that even though they're called Bacon Dogs, that there isn't much dedication to actual bacon with all of that other stuff in there.

The good news is that like all hot dogs, they were delicious with ketchup.

Oscar Mayer Bacon Hot Dogs
A delicious combination of turkey, chicken, pork, smoke flavor... oh yeah, and a dash of bacon.