Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Anthony and I tend to celebrate holidays in relatively untraditional ways. Such was the case today for Easter.

We lounged around the house, watched some TV, ate dinner at Whataburger, and went grocery shopping.

Anthony did eat a Cadbury Egg. I suppose that qualifies as a little bit traditional.

Easter dinner at Whataburger

My name is on the sandwich wrapper!

Egg hunt at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I found a whole bunch!

Saaa-Wheat bread.
The wrapper makes it sound amazing but this kind
of bread always tastes like crap.

Anthony found some Cheddar 'n Bacon Easy Cheese
and I grabbed a giant sausage.
Just another day in our relationship.

Come back Anthony!
Don't you want some sausage?

Scrubber pad on the floor.

Rather large ones.
And, they're bouncy.

This Styptic Pencil looks like an adult toy.

I couldn't decide which one would turn you on more.

And then, I found the Brut.

Richard Simmons brainwashed and tortured
by a maid controlling his life.
She won't do windows or clean toilets
but she can control his life.
Highly unlikely.