Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bean Boozled - canned dog food or chocolate pudding?

Another exciting weekend has come to a close. And by exciting, I mean not exciting.

I did order a refill on my high blood pressure medication. So, I feel accomplished doing that. Actually, I had a bunch of stuff to do around the house and I made a small dent in that list.

We went to Culver's for dinner tonight and then did our usual Sunday grocery shopping. I also went to Petsmart to get Lucky some dog food. They were out of the giant bags of the kind he eats so I had to buy a smaller one. That means I'll be back there before the end of March to get more. Such is the life of the owner of a 50 pound hungry dog.

I did watch ten minutes of the Oscars broadcast tonight. The part I viewed was when Leonardo DiCaprio won the award for best actor, and then the announcement of "Spotlight" for best picture. I've always enjoyed the Oscars but every year I have to look up the movies online because I have not seen any of them even though we have HBO and Showtime. Anthony and I don't go out to the movies because we can't agree on what we'd both like to see. I like comedies and action flicks and Anthony doesn't. If every movie was like "Walking Dead" or "Night Of The Living Dead" he'd be a happy camper. Since my favorite movie of all time is "Dumb and Dumber" you can see why we never agree on a movie to go to. This is also why we have multiple TVs in our house. In the end, I'm sure it's my fault. I'm soooooo difficult to live with.

Anthony's age on the table tent sign

This is Anthony's idea of dinner

Kellogg's Finding Dory cereal
This movie doesn't come out for a while and
the cereal is already in stores.

Did you know that I can make my own sausage gravy?
Mine is also made from scratch using a special rub.

Pepperidge Farm Brightside granola.
It's in the shape of a heart... or a butt.
Take your pick.

I had a cheese explosion once.
Fortunately, there are no photos available of the event.

"I just want a damn cleaning stick!"

They still make Stetson and Aqua Velva.
Mix them together and you'll hear moaning from
a nearby senior citizen home.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled jelly beans
There was only one package of these left and I bought it.

The jelly beans look alike but you'll either get flavors like
stinky socks or tutti-fruitti, lawn clippings or lime,
and the others seen in the photo.
My co-workers will enjoy these.
And by enjoy, I mean hate.

Yooooooooooo Anthony...
I found you something.
The good news is... they're ready to use.