Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016 fell on a Sunday this year. So, I did get to spend the day with Anthony and that included dinner and grocery shopping -- our normal Sunday routine.

Valentine's dinner was at Jersey Mike's and we ate sandwiches. I offered to take Anthony out to a sit down semi-fancy dinner and he wanted a sandwich instead. My cost conscious ways may be rubbing off on him a little too much.

I bought him a giant cupcake a few days ago for Valentine's (which he promptly devoured) and he bought me a cute little mug with flowers and candy in it. The big project for Valentine's Day was washing bedding. There's a lot of love for clean sheets in our house.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day dinner at Jersey Mike's

I loved my chicken bacon ranch cheese steak sandwich

My Valentine's Day date at Jersey Mike's.
He's soooo sexy when he eats a sandwich.

Beautiful sunset as we were leaving Jersey Mike's
as seen over the Target store at Grant and Tanque Verde.
It was an 81 degree winter day today and I'm not disappointed.

The last of the Valentine's flower bouquets at Walmart Market and a
twin pack of Degree deodorant left with the flowers.
It's called "suggestive selling"

Can I put my banana in your chocolate?

The Oreo people have done it again...
here's Filled Cupcake Oreos.
I bought a package for my co-workers to enjoy.
It's my Valentine's Day gift to them although
they would probably prefer getting a day off.

Easter candy is already on display at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Christmas candy is probably in a warehouse already waiting
to be shipped the moment that Mother's Day is over.

Nothing says Happy Easter
like a chocolate plus sign

Limited edition Lucky Charms and Chocolate Lucky Charms
features green clovers and gold coins.
It would be lucky if you could poop gold after
eating this cereal.

If I ever buy a house I want to sign the documents
with a fluffy chicken pen

Oh no! Ellen's Tragic Health Crisis in Star magazine.
It is a crisis when you make a face like you're taking
a big poo and a paparazzi photographs you.

Valentine's gift from Anthony.
I feel loved!