Friday, August 22, 2014

The squirter makes a daytime appearance

It's been another wall to wall work my ass off kind of week.  Working 12-14 hour days has created a challenge in posting as much on this blog as I like to.  Hopefully someone new will be hired soon who can get my workload back down to normal levels and allow me more time to do this blog.  I really enjoy working on it.

I have managed to shoot a few photos this week to share, I'm just slow to post.  I did post a couple of pictures a handful of days ago of a broken sprinkler at Ridgepointe that was shooting water three stories into the air.  I shot those photos at night, which made the dramatic look of it harder to see.  I was home early enough a couple of days ago that the sprinklers made their late afternoon cycle and I heard the sprinkler make the distinctive noise that it has been while being broken.  I grabbed a camera and got a few more for you to see how crazy looking it is shooting water.

It's a squirter, that's for sure.

Broken sprinkler at Ridgepointe
shooting three stories into the air.

The squirter sprays at the top.

At least this part of the building
should stay clean while it does this.