Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's weird when co-workers leave

This week has been really weird... and it's only Wednesday.

Anthony's is out of town all week and Lucky is totally depressed that Anthony's gone.  I'm not even sure that Lucky has eaten.  I am taking a leap of faith that eventually nature will take it's course -- and he'll have to eat when his survival instinct kicks in (I hope he has one).  But he's had a really sad four days and Anthony won't be home until Tuesday August 12.

At work, one of my co-workers is leaving after 4 1/2 years on the show and a new one starts tomorrow.  That has created it's own level of chaos.

I've realized one of the things that is weird about people leaving their position at my work is, depending on the person and situation, quite often filled with goodbye drinking events and goodbye lunches.  It seems strange to celebrate someone leaving.  Any excuse for a party I suppose.

There was a goodbye lunch today at Zinburger, a fancy hamburger joint, and I don't like eating there.  Every time I do, I get sick.  It didn't help that the group I was with ate on the patio in 100+ degree weather and I was feeling ill today after eating a Jack's Munchie Meal from Jack In The Box last night (I'm not doing that again, by the way... that was a bad idea).  I had a milkshake at Zinburger instead of one of their gigantic burgers thinking it would sit better on my stomach, and I still ended up going home early from work this afternoon after a combination of the heat from sitting on that miserable patio outside and feeling ill caught up to me.  I'm delicate, you know.

Good luck at your new job, Allison.  You'll be missed.

UPDATE: Lucky ate half of a bowl of food last night while I was sleeping. Survival instinct really did kick in.

Co-worker goodbye lunch at Zinburger
It was 100+ degrees on the patio...
but it's a dry heat.


Chris, who was sitting next to me,
ordered a 'Breakfast Burger' with a fried egg on it.
He said it was delicious.
If I had eaten one of those, they would
have had to dial 911.