Sunday, August 17, 2014

Monsoon storm clouds August 17 2014

The Tucson area is having an active few days of monsoon storms from over the weekend and it's forecast to continue this way for the next several days.

Monsoon storms can provide some pretty spectacular and interesting clouds.  I've mentioned before on this blog how excited many people get (I'm one of them, but then, I get excited about everything) at seeing storm clouds here because it's not terribly common.  Most days are sunny and offer very few clouds or anything other than blue skies and the sun.

The monsoon storm clouds started building this afternoon and being a Sunday, I had a little bit of time to take some pictures.

Ooooo, pretty.

Monsoon storm clouds building as seen
looking north from the KGUN parking lot

Plume of storm clouds
looking southeast from the KGUN parking lot

Storm clouds moving in
looking east from my front patio at Ridgepointe

Storm clouds looking southwest
from my front patio at Ridgepointe

Storm clouds looking west
from Ridgepointe

Storm clouds overhead
as seen from my patio at Ridgepointe

Sneaky photo of one of my neighbors
who had just gotten his mail
and walked his dog.
He doesn't know his back is now internet famous.