Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pizza, pudding, and a can of beans that doesn't matter

I was really excited today because now that Anthony is back from his Alaska trip, we got to resume our Sunday ritual of dinner and grocery shopping.  We skipped the previous two Sundays because he was traveling.  I was having withdrawals.

Dinner was at Taco Bell at Broadway and Camino Seco.  I had chicKEN Chalupas, and Anthony had a stuffed burrito.  As it happens many times on Sundays, we ate in an empty restaurant until near the end when a few customers came in.  It was looking very stormy outside so I was surprised because I thought that we were the only crazy people to go out when it looked like monsoon activity was kicking up.

We did our grocery shopping across the parking lot at Walmart Neighborhood Market.  It was a pretty uneventful visit, although I did spot a product I had never seen before from Banquet:  Pepperoni pizza and chocolate pudding in the same box.  That's one of the most amazing food combinations I have ever witnessed.  And, it was only one dollar.

We also stopped at QuikTrip on the way home so I could put fuel into the Ken Carr car.  I spotted a sign next to the pump advertising Bac'n Shakes.  A shake with bacon in it!  What an idea.

It's good to have Anthony back.  It's not as much fun eating in an empty restaurant alone as it is with someone else.

Dinner at Taco Bell, Broadway and Camino Seco.
Once again, we ate in an empty restaurant.
Props to whoever the employee is that
arranged the sauce packets so neatly
on the display.

Claussen Hot and Spicy Spears.
No relation to Britney.

"I have a can of beans and it doesn't matter."
I said this once while in Las Vegas
after waking up from a tequila shot
induced nap.
My friends have never let me forget it.

Banquet pepperoni pizza and chocolate pudding.
Amazing combination, and only one dollar!

Someone left their fish steaks on the Hershey's bars.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Sign for Bac'n Quikshake at QuikTrip.
And, it's made fresh to order.
They're slaughtering the pig
and milking the cow right now so it's ready for you.

It's nice to have him back.
My Sunday dinner and grocery buddy Anthony
returning from Alaska on Monday at
the Tucson International Airport.
Some random traveler photo bombed the shot.
He has no idea he's now part
of the Kenparazzi legacy.