Friday, August 15, 2014

Cakes For Causes Calendar Shoot

While Anthony was on his vacation in Alaska, I thought I would have trouble keeping myself busy.  That turned out to not be a problem.  The other producer on the TV show I work on left for a job in Milwaukee, and I have been doing two people's jobs.

One thing I did squeeze time in for that was a little work related (but not really), was a photo shoot for Cakes for Causes, a non-profit organization in Tucson that has a talented staff of bakers who create cakes, cookies, and other sugary treats for other non-profit organization's events and fundraisers.  They do unique and great work.  They are also monthly guests on my TV show.

Cakes for Causes Director Rene' asked me if I would be willing to be a part of the calendar they are creating for fundraising.  It turns out that a picture of me, along with twelve months of delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and goodies like that, are going to be on the cover of the calendar.  I don't know if it will sell them any calendars, but I was honored to be asked and thrilled to participate.

I'll have to share the photo that they choose from the shoot later this fall when they get ready to print the calendar, but I did take photos of behind the scenes while I was there.  The shoot was at the Corona de Tucson fire house in the far southeast part of the city.

I'll let you know how to buy a calendar when they are made available.  Seeing a ham (me) with a year's worth of baked goods on the cover of a calendar will be worth every penny.

Photo shoot for Cakes for Causes
at the Corona De Tucson Fire Dept station

The fire house is at Tallahassee and Observatory Drive.
Looks like someone has an observatory in their backyard.

I got hose.... in different area codes.
(That's an old Ludacris hip hop song lyric)
Or, how about this one:
The fire house was full of hose.

Cakes for Causes bakers arranging the baked goods
on plates for the shoot while the photographer
set up a backdrop for the Ken photo.

Photographer and assistant putting up backdrop

Rene' arranges fingers for the October portion
of the calendar.

A preview of the October portion
of the Cakes for Causes calendar.
Whoever's hand this was modeled
after must have been
hideously disfigured.

Ken Carr doppleganger

The baked goods that co-starred with
the Ken Carr cover photo

Jeanne adds orange zest as the final
touches are made to the baked goods
that co-starred with me on the cover.

Here's what happens when an angel food cake
doesn't turn out the way it is supposed to.

After my photo was taken,
the photographer shot individual month
photos with each baked goods item.
I could have sworn I heard her say
"cheese" before shooting the photo.
Or maybe she said "cake".