Monday, July 28, 2014

Five months later and they're still painting

I've been posting for months about the ongoing repainting of Ridgepointe, the apartment complex where I live.

It's a rather large complex (around 20 buildings and 250-ish apartments) and I thought it would take a while when they started.  I had no idea that "a while" would be five months and still going.  The painters have endured cold mornings, broiling days, the monsoon, working around residents, and depending on the building... up to three stories worth of structures to paint.  Add in doors, window frames, railings, and it's a lot.  I know absolutely nothing about a painting project of this magnitude so my postings have been from a viewpoint of fascination.

Today there was a notice on our front door that this Wednesday they'll be painting our front and balcony doors and they were alerting us because they have to open them to paint the edges.

I hope they're ready to see Anthony in his underwear.

The painting of Ridgepointe.
Hey, I think you missed a spot.