Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday present from Casino Del Sol

My birthday was on July 2.  Every year, I get a flyer in the mail from Casino Del Sol inviting me to their July birthday party, where they do a free play giveaway and serve cake.

Today was the fourth time I've gone in the last five years.  They have 20 winners of $50 in slot play, one $500 winner, and one $1,000 winner.  I won $50 a few years back and was hopeful I would win something today.

Unfortunately, I didn't win any free play (slot play).  But, I did put $20 into a 50 cent slot machine and won some money (see the photo below).  It was like the casino gave me a birthday present that I really wanted.

Anthony came along and drank vodka mojitos.  We don't get out much for social things anymore so it was fun to go together.  And it was fun winning.  Because let's face it, losing sucks.

Here's Anthony's vodka mojito at Casino Del Sol.
The more of these he drank, the happier he became!

Now THIS is a birthday present.