Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey you kids, get off my lawn

Anthony and I did our usual Sunday excursion today -- dinner and grocery shopping.

Dinner was at Smashburger at Grant and Swan Rd.  The restaurant wasn't terribly busy, but there were several families who each had one child at their table.  I've discovered that Anthony doesn't care for children, and he wears his displeasure when they're near all over his face (as you'll see in the photos below).  I kept hoping he'd yell at the kids like a crazy old person, but he somehow managed to keep himself in check.  My prediction:  He'll be referring to children as "whippersnappers" before his next birthday.

We went grocery shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Grant and Alvernon.  We have not been to that location in a while, and they remodeled the store since the last time we were there.  It has new signage outside and a brighter interior.  The best part about this store:  It has some spectacular people watching and despite the remodeling, it still does.  I highly recommend a visit for that part alone.

At Smashburger at Grant Rd and Swan Rd.
The little girl at the table behind Anthony
put him into a bit of a funk.
She was cute, he was cranky.

Oooo! Another child.
He is turning into a cranky old person
right before my eyes.

BaKEN cheeseburger and fries for Ken.

Jalapeno burger and fries for Anthony
with a side of being annoyed at children.

I caught these two bottles of Anthony's nasal spray
making out behind the ketchup bottle.

Walmart Neighborhood Market at Grant and Swan:
Smart Puffs baked cheese puffs.
Anthony could have used these when
he was taking the college class this summer.

Blue Bunny Lucas Salsagheti
Watermelon and spicy fruit bars on a stick
or essentially salsa on a stick.
As Anthony put it, "That's disgusting".

Sam's Choice Coffee and Donuts Ice Cream
Finally, a way to get both for breakfast
conveniently scooped into a bowl.