Sunday, July 6, 2014

We will rebuild

It's the end of a three day holiday weekend thanks to July 4 falling on a Friday this year.

I didn't do anything noteworthy.  I think I'm getting ultra boring in my old age.  I got a lot of sleeping in (I needed it), did my laundry, and only left the house twice all weekend.  Two of the three days this weekend we had monsoon thunderstorms but there wasn't anything but some wind and rain in my area of town.  The power outages, lightning, and thunder were in areas miles away.

Since Anthony and I both have empty bank accounts at the moment, we skipped our usual Sunday dinner out (I had a hot dog and chips at home) but we did go to the Walmart Neighborhood Market grocery store at 22nd and Craycroft.  We have to eat you know.

Monsoon storm clouds on Saturday.
They looked more threatening than they actually were.

The monsoon wind knocked some leaves onto the grass.
We will rebuild.

Anthony's now dead plants on our balcony.
The wind knocked the large one askew.
We will rebuild.

Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft.
This new trend of 'water enhancers' must be stopped.

Reduced fat Oreo cookies
"Oh, you look like you've lost weight.
I'll bet you've been eating reduced fat Oreos"
said no one ever.

Nothing says summer like
Little Debbie Seashell Brownies.
I understand the beach graphic on the box
but don't know why there's an airplane.

Little Debbie Jellyfish cookies.
Wait until Little Debbie gets sued by a parent
whose child bit into a real jellyfish
thinking it's as delicious as this cookie.

Poor Anthony.
He was overwhelmed today by the enormous
choice of chips in a can.
He didn't end up getting any.