Sunday, July 27, 2014

Return Of The Mack

I was putting fuel into the Ken Carr car at the 22nd Street and Country Club Circle K location yesterday, and I spotted a campaign sign on the corner that had me playing a song in my head.

Mark Morrison is apparently running for an Arizona State Senate seat.  A different Mark Morrison (I'm making a leap of faith here that it is a different one) had a monster hit song in 1997 called "Return Of The Mack" (click here for the YouTube video if you're not familiar).

It would not surprise me if Mark gets a few votes when a voter or two thinks it is the same guy.  Although, a repeated line of the lyrics for the song are "You lied to me", which is not a good thing to be known for if you're a politician.

Mark Morrison for State Senate campaign sign.
Not the "Return Of The Mack" singer
(although maybe he belts it out in the shower).