Sunday, July 13, 2014

An empty Burger King and Poison Ivy Relief Pads

Ahhhh, another Sunday.  It's the weekly Anthony and Ken dinner and grocery shopping excursion day.  There's a running joke in the old Peanuts cartoons that has Snoopy starting his stories with "It was a dark and stormy night".  Snoopy apparently knew what kind of weather we'd face going out this evening.  Fortunately for us, the worst of it was over when we headed out.

We ate dinner in an empty Burger King at Speedway and Pantano.  I had not been in that BK location since they remodeled it.  It has a 'rock n roll' theme.  It made my extra long barbecue cheeseburger seem musical if a sandwich is capable of that.

We purchased groceries at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco.  We were going to go to the location at 22nd and Craycroft but that area was without power due to the monsoon storms.  Thanks to the new part of the TEP (Tucson Electric Power) website that shows where there are outages, I knew that would be a wasted attempt so we went to an area that had power.

At least the power didn't go out at our apartment so that Anthony could watch "Married To Medicine" tonight on Bravo when we got home. 

Burger King at Speedway and Pantano.
Once again, we ate dinner in an empty restaurant.

The light fixtures look like giant records.

I picked the table with the guitar on it.
I had no problem getting it, the place was empty.

Anthony's Chicken Big King sandwich.
It looked appetizing.

Yo Crunch Snickers and Twix yogurt.
Because yogurt is too healthy plain.

Share a Coke with your soul mate.
Way more effective than e-harmony or

Kona Red original coffee fruit.
Anthony said he tried it once and it tasted like
"a dirty gym sock in filthy water
that was rinsed out of an asshole."
That may mean he didn't care for it.

Someone left this bag of Tootie Fruities cereal
in this bin of Totino's Pizza Rolls.
I almost didn't notice when I walked by.

Glade Sheer White Cotton spray
When you want your bathroom to smell
like granny panties (like they show on the can).

Betty Crocker Root Beer Float frosting.
I hope whoever came up with this
got a big giant well deserved raise.

"Hey Anthony, I have something for you"

"Hey Anthony, I have something else for you
and you'll really want it".