Sunday, July 6, 2014

My fake birthday party

There are two times a year that I take a moment to reflect:  New Year's Eve and my birthday.  I just hit my 48th birthday on July 2.

I thought that 2014 was going to be the most epic year I've ever had.  I have no idea why, I just felt that way when the year started.  So far, it's been one of the most difficult ever in my work career.  And, outside of work hasn't been too exciting either.  Don't get me wrong, nothing has been terrible.  Just not epic.  I am one of the most half glass full people you'll ever meet... and there is still half of this year to go so I still have faith that the epic is coming.  I know that you make your own opportunities in life so maybe the epic part is still coming together and I'm not even realizing it.  I'm going to go with that.

I am happy with the progress I've made on this blog.  I have put a much greater effort into posting regularly and sharing my photos.  Photography gives me great joy.  I don't have any friends who like to take the style of photos I do, so it's really a project that requires a great deal of self motivation.  I also don't know anyone who takes their photos and makes a blog out of it like I do, so again, more self motivation (as opposed to camaraderie).  The page views have been growing so somebody's reading the crap I write and checking out my pictures.  I do consider that pretty epic.

On my birthday, there happened to be a staff meeting scheduled the same day.  They served eegee's food and my co-workers were there, so I pretended it was my birthday party.  When you're my age, it's the little things that excite you.  It gave me an excuse to shoot some photos, too.

Sandwiches and cookies bring my co-workers
in droves.

There are chips in there.

Hurry up! We're hungry!

Getting eegee's frozen drinks

The TV studio is the largest room in the building
where we can do gatherings.
It's frequently used for all-staff meetings.
(and my pretend birthday party)

Besides sandwiches there was pasta, too.

Om nom nom

Charlie and Andy muggin' for the Kenparazzi
while hungry co-workers photo bomb.

Be patient, there are plenty of cookies.

Pretending all of these people came to celebrate
my birthday.
Happy Birthday to me!