Friday, July 4, 2014

Balloon mania

My staff wasn't excited about me booking a balloon artist this week on the TV show.  The exact quote: "I can't take this seriously, I'm a grown up".

Ok, well, the viewers were excited and so was I.  Several e-mails came right after the show asking about the guy's work and we got a pretty significant amount of positive feedback on the show's Facebook page as well.

All of the colorful balloons looked pretty on TV, too.  We had an ice cream company on the same show so maybe I made the show a little bit youth oriented.  I'm so evil.

The balloon artist segment.
He does amazing work (Daniel Balloon Man FuDD)


Bonus from a different show:
(I thought this was an awesome picture)
Dr. Harold Katz uses his Halimeter on Zach to measure
whether he has bad breath.
Fresh as a daisy.