Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monsoon storms packed a punch July 13, 2014

This season's monsoon in southern Arizona has been in full force for a couple of weeks now.  Today's storms that rolled through Tucson arguably caused the most widespread damage and chaos yet this summer.

There have been thousands without power for hours now, there are some roads (and heavily traveled ones) that are impassable due to flooding, and uprooted trees, damaged roofs, damaged homes, damaged businesses, broken traffic lights, all due to the crazy wind.

I went to KGUN early this evening to get some work done ahead since one of my co-workers is on vacation tomorrow, and the first storm hit when I was there.  I took a few photos:

(There was no significant damage at the radio/tv building or at my apartment building two miles away.  We were fortunate).

Pouring rain at the KGUN building
as seen from the window at the back door.

Front parking lot of the KGUN building during the storm.
That's the Ken Carr car on the far side of the lot.
Nature gave me a free car wash.

Another view of the front parking lot during the storm
as seen from a second floor window.

Plenty of puddles

Stormy skies

Storm aftermath:
Large puddle in the back parking lot

This bucket blew out into the middle of the back parking lot.
We will rebuild.

Empty soggy Jack In The Box fry box.
We will rebuild.

Trash can blown over in the back parking lot.
We will rebuild.

Water filled pothole at Rosewood and Finance Center Drive.

Tree branch snapped due to high wind.
Geico will rebuild (hope they have insurance).