Sunday, July 27, 2014

Virginity lost at Church's Chicken

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday food fiesta today -- dinner and grocery shopping.

Dinner was at Church's Chicken on Broadway east of Pantano.  Anthony had never eaten at Church's before, so today was the day that he lost his Church's virginity.  I wanted to go because I like their chicken strips and they have wonderful biscuits.  I felt some sympathy for Anthony during the dinner though, because he prefers to eat food properly with utensils instead of his fingers like a well mannered gentleman.  (I just eat with my fingers because I'm barely above a caveman in the evolutionary chain).  All that Church's offered was plastic utensils and that included a spork (the most evil utensil invention ever created) and a knife.  The poor guy struggled to cut the food so he could eat it.  I am now considering buying a special set of silverware that I can store in the car just for Anthony in case this sort of thing happens again.

On a side note, he said he liked the food.  It remains to be seen if he liked it enough that he requests we go there again.

Our trip through Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco was a little bit quicker than usual because Anthony announced right after dinner that he needed a trip to the restroom to, let's say for the sake of some imagination here, "escort some dancers off of the dance floor".

Church's Chicken virginity lost with
chicken strips, biscuits, and fries

Anthony learns it's not easy to eat like a gentleman
at Church's when all you get is a plastic spork and knife

Sneaky photo of Anthony:
He announced shortly before this that he needed
us to hurry the shopping trip up because
a restroom visit was imminent.
Now that I've posted this on my blog,
a tragic death in my sleep by murder
may also be imminent.

Cinnabon Cinnamon Bread
"with cinnamon bursts".
Anytime I can get a burst in my mouth
I vote yes.

DiGiorno Italian Style Favorites Pizza
I got a case of diarrhea looking at the box.

Anthony caught me trying to take a picture
of him while I was holding this box of Freshtimes Pantiliners.
It was not a total loss though,
you can still see the top of his head.

Pretty storm clouds looking east
from the Walmart Market parking lot
at Broadway and Camino Seco in Tucson.
Sometimes the pretty part of a sunset is
looking the opposite direction of where the sun is.