Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anthony loses his Waffle House virginity

After our trip to the casino today, I decided to pick a place to eat that Anthony had never been to before:  Waffle House.

I love Waffle House.  It's one of the greatest restaurants ever.  Reasonable prices, good quick food, interesting atmosphere.  They're open all of the time.  The waffles are delicious.  They also have outstanding cheeseburgers.

Plus, with the smothered, covered, country, etc. stuff you can add to hash browns, it's like an amusement park for your mouth.  (That means adding onions, or cheese, or gravy, or other fun additions like that).

Anthony had never been to Waffle House prior to today.  But, he wasn't resistant to the idea after having a few vodka mojitos.  Plus, I was paying.  I have always told him we need to eat there because it's soooooo wonderful.

I had their "All Star Special" with a waffle, sausage, eggs, hash browns, eggs, and a drink.  Anthony had the same thing but with bacon.

He said he liked the food.  Awesome!  We'll be back!

New Waffle House menu (the server said it was new).
It's certainly colorful and fun.

You can watch the cook make
your amazing Waffle House food.

Look at the spread we got at Waffle House
and it was all for about $20 bucks.

Anthony outside of Waffle House on Valencia Road in Tucson.
He's not a Waffle House virgin anymore!