Saturday, July 6, 2013

Iron Chef Tucson 2013

I went to the Iron Chef Tucson competition tonight at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.

I've been every year since it started.  I used to emcee it each year, now I go and do some photography so we can put the photos or video on the Morning Blend.

I'll get to the competition details in a moment.  I decided for some crazy reason this year to shoot still photos instead of video.  I'm not excited about how the photos came out.  I now regret shooting stills instead of video.  Ehhh, you live... you learn.  Tonight's experience has motivated me to start shooting video much more often.  I'm sure I'll obsess about it for a few days (that's what I do).

The Iron Chef Tucson competition features two local chefs who have one hour to make four dishes using the secret ingredient (just like the Iron Chef TV show).  This year featured two time reigning champion Chef Ryan Clark, the Executive Chef from Lodge On The Desert battling Chef David Ferrara, the Executive Chef of Fire and Spice at the Sheraton Hotel.

The secret ingredient?  See below in the photos.  The winner?  See below in the photos. (I'm such a meanie to make you look at the photos).

By the way -- I didn't get to eat any of the food that they made.  I stopped at Burger King for a BK Stacker burger on the way home.  Meat, bacon, cheese, bun, ketchup.  That's what I call a winning dish.

The lake and golf course in front of Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Iron Chef Tucson 2013 at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Chef David Ferrara vs Chef Ryan Clark

The event was sold out.  This is what a room full of foodies looks like.

Judges Alan Zeman, Noel Ridsdale, and Ken Harvey

Commentator Jonathan Landeen of Jonathan's Cork restaurant

Emcee Mrs. Grant of 94.9 MIX-fm

Mrs. Grant chats with judge Alan Zeman

Richard from Golden Eagle Distributors talks to Mrs. Grant about Stella Artois beer

Richard drinks his Stella Artois beer while Mrs. Grant looks on

Food runners Vinca and Judy

Commentator Jonathan Landeen and Chef Ryan Clark

Chef David Ferrara (in the hat) with his team and commentator Jonathan Landeen

The secret ingredient is rolled out and it is...

.... LAMB!

Chef David Ferrara and his team work out their strategy and look at their lamb

Chef Ryan Clark and his crew get to work

These VIP's at the Tasting Table will get to sample both chef's creations

Iron Chef Tucson chef teams have one hour to make four dishes

The competition nears the halfway point

Food cooking on the stove on Chef David Ferrara's side

Food cooking on the stove on Chef Ryan Clark's side

Chef David Ferarra's team makes won tons

It's getting close to the point where the food goes on the plates

Chef Ryan Clark's food is getting plated and ready for the judges

Chef David Ferrara's food getting plated and ready for the judges

Judges Alan, Noel and Ken taste the food

Judge Ken Harvey digs in

The trophy that goes to the 2013 Iron Chef Tucson winner

The 2013 winner is (for the third time in a row).... Chef Ryan Clark!