Sunday, July 7, 2013

Texas Roadhouse and the pregnancy test

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday evening eating and shopping time tonight.

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse next to Park Place Mall on Wilmot Rd.  It was my first visit to Texas Roadhouse.  It was interesting.  The food portions are gigantic and they play country music.  You get peanuts at your table (in the shell).  I wouldn't take a date there, it's too loud and the ambience isn't very romantic.  But, if you have a hungry family (or a hungry Anthony) then it's okay.

The food was average (I had a cheeseburger and fries).  Anthony had boneless chicken pieces and two orders of fries, and fried pickles.  I didn't expect anything fancy so it met my expectations.

Like most places I go where the food portions are huge, I try to order something small and basic because I have a sensitive stomach.  I got a raging stomach ache about an hour after eating there.  It's not the restaurant's fault, I struggle with digesting anything.

The server was very nice and the service itself was fast.  If I try the place again, I might try the kid's menu.  They have to make smaller portions for children.

Next stop was Target.  Anthony had to pay his credit card bill.  A woman in front of us at the customer service desk attempted to return a pregnancy test.  It turned out that Target doesn't carry that brand and she left without her refund.  Maybe she'll be able to make use of it next month!

Our last stop was the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Golf Links and Kolb.  My stomach was really mad at this point and I was miserable the whole time we were getting groceries.  I don't like that particular location because it doesn't carry several items (and the list seems to grow every time we go to that one) we can usually get at the 22nd Street and Craycroft store.  And, we had an experience that is becoming less and less unusual:  A problem with our cashier.

Anthony and I split the grocery bill each week.  I give the cashier paper money, and Anthony pays for the difference with his debit card.  The woman (I'll call her Kathy, because that was the name on her name tag) at the register was not very familiar with how to do her job.  Anthony asked for a "split transaction", and she entered the wrong amount into the register.  Then, he swiped his card, she told him to indicate cash back on the entry pad, and we ended up getting charged nearly double the original bill.  I have to give the management of the store a lot of props, they were able to straighten it out and we walked out with the issue settled correctly.  Sadly, I haven't seen a cashier at that store yet that seems properly trained or able to manage their transactions well.  They must have a difficult time hiring people in that area.  It's a nice store (even if they need to carry a few additional items to make me happy) and I hope they get their labor issues resolved.

Texas Roadhouse restaurant at Wilmot Road and Broadway Blvd in Tucson

The cheeseburger and French fries that I ordered at Texas Roadhouse

Anthony butters his bread at Texas Roadhouse using a maneuver he has perfected:
Holding the bread with a fork while buttering with a knife.
He is a talented man.

Anthony's dinner at Texas Roadhouse: Chicken and fries, fried pickles, and more bread.

Spam and Penne Pasta in Alfredo Sauce
This is the fanciest Spam meal I have ever seen.

Spam and Sausage Jambalaya
This is the second fanciest Spam meal I have ever seen.

Paula Deen's Family Dinners magazine at the Walmart Neighborhood Market checkout.
It looks like Walmart still stands by Paula. At least her magazine.