Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anna Christina Moreno is screaming

I walked outside of my apartment just after midnight and heard a woman screaming and banging on a door.  I figured out after walking to the east side of my complex that she was at La Hacienda Apartments two lots over to the east.

She was mad at some guy named Brian.  I know this because she said his name over and over while doing the door banging.

The Tucson Police Department DUI task force had pulled someone over on the west side of my complex (I know this because I heard the radio traffic on my scanner), so I went to tell them they may want to send a unit over there.  They informed me that their radios were not working, and suggested that I call 911.  It's odd that they said that, since I heard them a handful of minutes earlier telling the dispatcher that they were pulling someone over.  Apparently the two officers radios broke simultaneously right after they used them.  Imagine the bad luck.

I walked back to the east side of the complex again and she was still screaming.  I decided to call 911 and just as they picked up I saw a police cruiser drive in there.  Now I could listen to the action without having to be on the phone with an emergency dispatcher.

The screaming woman started screaming louder.  She told the officer detaining her, "I'm Anna Christina Moreno and I'm on the KRQ Morning Show."  I assume that she calls in as a wacky guest.  Then, she said "My mother Shirley works for the Pima County Probations Department."  Maybe if she's lucky she'll get her mother as a probations officer after she goes to court.

She continued screaming for what I could only guess was half an hour and she still was screaming after the Tucson Fire Department paramedics arrived.  I finally went back into my apartment because my ears couldn't take hearing her voice anymore.

Congratulations to Anna Christina Moreno.  Your late night screaming tantrum scored you a spot on my blog and the most excitement I had all day.

Brian, whoever you are, if you are dating this woman you should break it off and get a restraining order.  It won't get any better than tonight.  Sorry about your bad luck.

The Tucson Fire Department engine arriving with paramedics
to La Hacienda Apartments

Tucson Fire Department ambulance
Tonight it carried one screaming out of control woman.