Saturday, March 30, 2013

JoeJoe and Diana get married

I had the privilege of attending the wedding of JoeJoe and Diana last night at the Z Mansion in downtown Tucson.

I've known Joe for almost ten years.  He and I worked together at KRQ and I hired him for his first job working in radio.  He now lives and works in Las Vegas and also does a show in the evenings on KRQ here in Tucson with the magic of technology.

I saw a number of people who I had worked with during my time at KRQ (which was from 2001-2005) and even before that in California (my buddy Ryan).  It was fun to catch up and see two awesome people get married.

Congratulations Joe and Diana!

Diana and JoeJoe at the altar

You may kiss the bride!

Here's Mrs. and Mr.!

Tim and Ryan (who I both worked with at KRQ), and Ryan's wife Jennifer.
Two glasses of wine are always better than one.

A photo with Victor, the lead singer of the band A.M. Eyes.

JoeJoe hugs it out with an attendee of the wedding.

Joejoe, Diana, a cake with a car on it, and a whole bunch of people looking on.

Mmmmmmm. Cake.
Open wide!