Friday, March 8, 2013

Late winter storm in Tucson March 8, 2013

Mother Nature is giving Tucson one more blast of winter before we start heading into the months of heat we normally have each year.

Very strong wind, some rain, and chilly temperatures.  The good news is we should be near 90 next weekend.  We just have to endure this crummy weather until then.

As someone said on my Twitter timeline today: "Tucson weather is bipolar".

The wind blew hard enough to cause this flag to fly straight out near Kolb and Tanque Verde in Tucson

Funky winter storm clouds seen driving west on Speedway between Kolb and Wilmot

More funky clouds driving west on Pima Street west of Tanque Verde

Storm clouds as seen looking east from the Ridgepointe Apartments parking lot

Storm damage: This trashcan blew off of someone's patio at Ridgepointe and was rained on

This lamp post nearly lost it's lid in the wind

I watched a neighbor's new puppy poop near my apartment and the neighbor didn't pick up the doo doo.
Obviously the storm knocked the poop out of the puppy and the wind knocked good sense out of the neighbor.