Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patricks Lame Weekend

St. Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday this year.  I celebrated by having one of the least interesting weekends on record.

I was sick with a bizarre pressure style headache on Saturday.  I slept a bunch all day and shoveled aspirin and sinus medication into my pie hole but it didn't have much effect.  Fortunately, it didn't hang around and I felt okay today when I woke up.

St. Patrick's Day itself (today) was very uneventful.  I watched Anthony eat 31 Peeps for breakfast, then rush out the door in the afternoon to go drinking with some co-workers.  I stayed home, walked Lucky, did laundry, then went out solo to Jack In The Box for dinner, and Walmart Neighborhood Market for groceries.  Dinner and groceries was the first time I went anywhere besides the apartment complex all weekend.

The good news (in my mind) is that avoiding drinking green beer this weekend means I won't have to look at green poop, which is always the result of consuming anything with green dye.

This weekend I was down with the brown.

Sourdough Jack and curly fries at Jack In The Box at 22nd and Craycroft
I put hot sauce on it.

The last of the green cookies at Walmart Neighborhood Market on St. Patrick's Day.