Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ten Commandments plays out of sequence

I was messing around on my iPhone today being lazy in bed and Anthony came into the bedroom quite upset.

"They screwed up the Ten Commandments!"

He had recorded the airing of the Ten Commandments last night on KGUN and when he was watching it today it was apparent to him (I've never seen the whole movie, so I have to rely on his expertise) that the movie played out of sequence about 2 hours and 45 minutes in, skipped part of the movie, and repeated part of it.  The airing of the last hour was a patchwork out of sequence.

Sometimes these things happen.  It could have been due to a number of things... a problem with the feed from the network, a computer glitch that cause the movie or commercial breaks to interrupt the sequence, or some other strange thing.  It's never done on purpose.  There is usually a big scramble to fix it.  I've been at work when this sort of thing occurs and while it upsets viewers, it's the unavoidable rare technical glitch that cannot be anticipated (or it wouldn't happen!).

Anthony is kind of mad because he watches the movie every year on Easter weekend and knows exactly what is supposed to happen during the movie.  He even deleted the movie "Bad Teacher" off of the TiVo to make room for it.  I am impressed actually, I don't retain enough from watching a movie to remember what sequence it should be in even if I've seen it multiple times.

Charlton Heston was very tan in that movie and had perky manboobs.  That part was still intact.