Sunday, March 10, 2013

A visit to Arby's on Broadway

Anthony and I had dinner tonight at Arby's on Broadway across from Park Place Mall.

It happened again:  We were the only customers in the restaurant.  This seems to happen frequently on Sunday evenings.

I had an Angus Beef and Bacon sandwich, and it was delicious.  The restaurant employee who took my order asked if I wanted curly fries, and I told her if she meant potato pubes.  She wasn't as amused as I had hoped she would be.

Arby's on Broadway Blvd in Tucson
We were the only customers.

Sneaky photo of Anthony: He points at a sign for mint shakes.

Arby's Angus Beef and Bacon sandwich.
I got a little cup of Arby's Sauce to go with it.

Arby's Lava Molten Cake
I'll bet it looks exactly like this when it comes back out after eating it.