Sunday, May 29, 2016

Poomobile oil change at Chapman

I've been making preparations for a road trip to Las Vegas. Anthony and I are driving up there next week for a three day vacation.

I'm sure I'm over preparing for this but it's a big deal since traveling is such a rare occurrence in my life. The decision was made and the room was reserved in December so I have had some time to get my act together.

Besides saving a little money to spend I've had to arrange for a place for Lucky to stay, purchased some luggage, and make preparations at work to be off for three days (that's been the most difficult part). I also needed to make sure the poomobile was good to go for the trip so I took it to get an oil change and have a mechanic check the rest of the fluids and anything else under the hood that needed to be so it is long trip road ready.

Somewhere in my messy home office I have the paperwork that goes with the car's warranty and extended warranty, and I couldn't find it easily but I believe it required taking it to the same dealership I bought it from. I bought it used from Chapman and the warranty paperwork went through their Honda dealership even though it's a Nissan. Since I wasn't sure I could just take it anywhere and still have the warranty remain valid, I made the appointment and took it to Chapman Honda. Knowing my luck I dreamed up the whole thing and I'll feel stupid when I find the paperwork, but in the meantime it's better safe than sorry.

I was there yesterday at 1:00 p.m. for the appointment. First thing that they told me was that they didn't have an Altima oil filter in stock and would have to send someone over to AutoZone to get one. It was going to delay the completion of the work by half an hour. It was okay, I hung out in the waiting area then went into the showroom and took pictures of a few of the cars on display.

I have always loved cars and enjoyed looking at the shiny new ones. One day I will buy a brand new car instead of the used ones I've always owned. In the meantime, while getting an oil change, I can look, dream, and shoot photos.

Waiting area at Chapman Honda
College softball was on the TV and they had a Kids' Zone.
No kids were in it though... or adults, either.

Empty chairs in the waiting area
that looked like the Captain's chair on Star Trek

This Honda in blue is waiting for you

Once you go black you never go back

This Honda in grey can go home today.
I could keep rhyming but I don't have the timing.