Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reducing hot flashes without fishy aftertaste

I was going to grill a couple of steaks for dinner tonight but the day got away from me. I spent a couple hours this afternoon doing yard work, then gave Lucky a bath, and got cleaned up myself and it was 5 p.m. all of a sudden. Anthony and I ended up just going to Culver's for dinner and then on to the grocery store.

Basically, it was a weekend of catching up on rest and stuff around the house.

I did get a letter from ADOT saying I have to go to an MVD office and get a new picture taken for my driver's license. They apparently require this every twelve years. And, they require me to pay for a new I.D. (that doesn't come as a shock). It's such a waste of time and energy since I look the same as my current photo. Maybe the employees miss me and this is their way of forcing me to go over there. They're a nice bunch of people.

As for today's excursion, here come the photos...

Anthony shows off his peanut butter sundae at Culver's.
Notice the 96 next to him and the 44 near me.
I'd like to say those were our ages but that is
subject to interpretation.

My burger and fries

This was on the floor near our table.
I kept an eye out for a crazy dancing stick figure to go by
but it didn't happen while we were there.

Anthony holds this bottle at the grocery store
in a rather provocative manner.

Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer Pop Tarts
The greatest flavors they've ever invented.

A shelf sign was on the floor.

Kellogg's Smorz cereal.
You asked for it, it's back!!
And it's spelled funny, too.

New! A peanut wearing a robe and a crown.

Maple Nut Goodies
sounds like a date I've had.

These are Franks.
Not Jim's, or Bob's, or John's.
They're Franks.

Thick N Juicy.
That would be my stripper name if someone
was stupid enough to want me to take my clothes off.

Red Vines left with the potato chips.

Scissors and syrup left with the charcoal.

Hello Kitty Dental Travel Kit
For those trips away from home where you
need clean teeth and the opportunity to
prove you are a man's man.

Speaking of a man's man...
Yoooooo, Anthony!
I found you something that will make you
want to eat rusty nails for breakfast.

Yoooooooo Anthony!
I found you something to reduce your hot flashes
with no fishy aftertaste.

Yooooooo Anthony!
Are you rejecting Jesus' love?
This magazine will help you through your
tsunami of grief and turn pain into peace.
Turned out he didn't want it.
Stop rejecting Jesus' love, dammit.