Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Minions glasses and diabetes socks

I've found myself having a lack of free time in recent weeks and that's meant it is tougher to spend it updating this blog. It's terrible, since this is one of my favorite things to do.

I always thought that if I worked harder it would afford more things both financially and give me more freedom to do stuff I like outside of work. My life has not turned out that way at all. Oh well. It's always better than not working. Besides, I've realized that it'll take a lot more than the 50 people who visit this blog each day to make a living at it (but, I'm super grateful for the 50 who do... I love you).

Enough bitching about my life. Here's what you came here for -- some photos from a recent visit to Taco Bell and the grocery store:

Half eaten Smothered ChicKEN burrito.
Best thing on the Taco Bell menu.
On the other hand, the spork is the worst utensil
ever invented.

Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Count Chocula
cereals have appeared at Walmart Market.
It must be getting close to Halloween

Speaking of scary...
here's Shaq on the front of a
box of Fruity Pebbles.
When I think of big fruity taste
I definitely think of Shaq.

Minion glasses
Look like a Minion!
Which translates to
Look like an Idiot! in English

The wind up... the pitch...
it's a Graham Slam!
Oddly enough, these are
in the freezer section.

Teach your children how delicious
eating a bat can be with these
Bat-Shaped Chicken Nuggets!

Teach your children how delicious
bones can be with this bag of
Cheetos Bag Of Bones!

Pecan Pie M&M's
for the win

MedPeds Diabetes socks.
The handy white footbed allows
for visibility of signs of
foot wounds.
These would also be helpful for
people who occasionally shoot
themselves in the foot.

Betty Crocker Maple Bacon frosting
with little bacon crumbles in the lid.
I'll bet it would be delicious
on top of scrambled eggs.

This box of hair dye was next to
this Pecan Pie baking kit.
Don't mistake one for the other
or it'll ruin your holiday gathering.

Orange Crush and Strawberry Crush
gelatin mix.
If this was around when I was a kid
I would have made my mom buy it.
I looooove Crush drinks.

The University of Arizona graduate
gives this cheap t-shirt a thumbs up!