Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shoot for the TV show at OM Yoga

Today was an out of office adventure. We had a video shoot for the TV show at OM Yoga on Oracle Road.

Show host Tina and photographer Scott did the hard work. I pretended to be managerial and shot a few photos of the shoot while it was in progress.

I don't know much about yoga except: 1.) It looks hard. 2.) It made for some fun photographic moments and 3.) OM Yoga is located in the same parking lot where a Mexican food truck was located and across the street from a DQ. After the shoot, I treated Tina and Scott to a late afternoon snack from the food truck as a thank you for their hard work.

That's my kind of yoga.

This is what I'd look like
if I were a mannequin

Yoga mats
The same material used in Subway
sandwich bread

Scott tests out a shot
before they start yoga-ing

Is this high enough for you?

Chatting about a scene

This scene had to be reshot because
Tina wasn't putting the correct
arm up at the correct time.
It was confusing the people behind her, too.

Tina prepares to go in head first

The view from the other side
of the room must have been spectacular

This is the same way I use a towel
to dry off after a shower

It's really easy.
Just put your foot in there.

Put your left foot in
and you shake it all about

She's turning the hammock
into a hammock

This would be a terrible time
to fart.
The smell would stay trapped in there!

Meanwhile, there are people
in those sacks.

They make it look so easy

I've done this pose before.
It was followed by "Take me! Take me now!"

Shoot ended, then I did some
yoga Ken-style at the food truck outside...
Mexican hot dog and a Coke.