Monday, September 21, 2015

For my next trick I made the mountains disappear

Today was a pretty unusual weather day in Tucson. There is a tropical disturbance moving through this area (which doesn't happen often in late September) and it rained most of the day.

I have a pretty nice view of the mountains north of Tucson from my backyard (once you look past the power pole, wires, and neighbor's houses) and when I got home from work tonight, the mountains had disappeared. Poof!

It's not supposed to last long. Sunny and 90's are in the forecast by Wednesday. That's a good thing, because this kind of weather ruins my hair.

View today looking north from my backyard.
Where did the mountains go?
This is what I see on most days
when there are no low clouds.
(this is a photo from June 2015)
In unrelated news....
My biggest yard related accomplishment
in recent days is the weeds turning brown
in the area beyond that line of rocks.
It only took six gallons of weed
killer and two hours in 100+
degree weather to spray it all.
Die you bastard weeds, die.