Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Minions Minions everywhere

The Sunday weekly dinner and shopping excursion took Anthony and I to Lowe's (I went alone for that, I needed to buy a refill for the weed whacker), Jersey Mike's for dinner, and Walmart Neighborhood Market.

This was the second trip we've ever made to eat at Jersey Mike's. It was a better experience than the first time, I actually got the sandwich I originally ordered. I chose a number seven "mini", which is roast beef and a cute little sandwich. I get an upset stomach when I eat too much, so it was the perfect size.

My fascination with Minions merchandise continues. They (whoever they are) sell Minions in just about every way imaginable. Check out what I found this weekend:

9 foot inflatable Minion at Lowe's
It lights up!
I really wanted to buy it
but I thought it would give
Anthony an excuse to move out.

Mini roast beef sandwich
at Jersey Mike's

Minions cereal!
Banana berry flavor
or as the Minions would
say it: "ba-na-na"

Doritos Loaded in the freezer section
Finally, an excuse to put Doritos
in the oven.
Bonus: My creepy face
reflecting in the glass

Red Star Yeast
If you put yeast on a yeast infection
can it cause an explosion?

Snickers bar with "Cranky"
on the wrapper.
This describes Anthony's mood
when we go to the grocery store.

This describes me.
Old age and stupidity
are a tragic combination

I know approximately
100 guys who this would
describe perfectly.