Saturday, September 7, 2013

There were cookies at the funeral

I shared the story of having to go to a funeral in my last blog entry.  Here's what happened:

After the TV show yesterday, I followed two co-workers to the church who were also attending.  We arrived near the end of the actual funeral service and the reception was in another area of the church so we waited in there.

I was kind of glad that we got there late for the service.  That's the part I had the most apprehension about.

I actually knew a couple of people besides my co-workers so that was helpful.  And, they had food!  Sandwiches, salads, punch, and desserts including a bundt cake and lots of cookies.  There's nothing like eating to make a potentially uncomfortable situation a whole lot better.

My apprehension for the event was higher than it needed to be, and it turned out alright.  I think my biggest disappointment was not being able to take pictures (I live for that) but it was the appropriate thing to do.  Although, I did take one crappy photo with my iPhone (that was more for the sake of saying I took one than it actually being a decent photo).

I didn't get any cake (the bundt cake looked dry and sad) but I did have a cookie.

A sneaky photo in the reception hall of the church at the funeral.
No, that isn't my purse.