Thursday, September 5, 2013

There is no fun in funeral

I'm facing a rather unnerving task tomorrow:  Attending a funeral.

A co-worker's mother died.  My boss has explained that the proper thing for me to do is attend (I won't make the service because the TV show is in progress when it occurs, but there is a reception afterward that I can attend) to show support.  I'd like to say I usually try to do the right thing (although that would be a lie) but when it comes to work, I almost always make the effort.

I've attended very few funerals (or funeral receptions) in my lifetime.  I don't know what to do at this one.  I'm anticipating that I will know basically no one there.  I had never met the woman who died.  It was suggested to me today not to bring my camera to take pictures (that is probably the biggest disappointment to me, but I'll deal with it).  I am not good at saying the right thing or being politically correct in situations like this.  I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable.  I don't think saying things like "did you get a good deal on the casket?" will go over well.

I also realized yesterday that I don't have any funeral appropriate attire.  I don't own a black dress shirt.  I debated on whether I should wear a new bright pink one I bought a few weeks ago, but my limited experience at funerals indicates that bright, cheery colors are not appropriate.  I hope that everyone who comes to my funeral when I kick the bucket wears Hawaiian shirts and board shorts and someone buys a festive cake.  If anyone wears black, it better be a t-shirt with Justin Bieber's face on the front.  Because I would have wanted it that way.

I went to Ross Dress For Less last night at Grant and Craycroft (which I discovered is open until 10:30 p.m. weekdays, good to know in a clothing emergency) and they didn't have black dress shirts either.  I bought an olive green one.  I decided wearing it would say "I'm sorry for your loss" while also being less depressing than black.  Even at a funeral, I'm too full of cheer to wear all black.

I hope they serve cake.

The olive green shirt I'm wearing to the funeral reception