Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show 2013

I had the privilege of walking the runway as a 'celebrity' walker at the Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show at Casino Del Sol last night (with some other celebrities more celebrity than I am).  I got to walk with one of the Tu Nudito kids, who was dressed in costume.

I've done this before, and it's a neat experience.  The kids are really great.  And, it's an event that raises a ton of cash for Tu Nudito and the services they provide kids in Tucson.  It also kicks off the show that features real models in a real runway show.

I shot a combination of video and stills (with the help of Anthony).  I was reminded again why I generally stick to still photos when I do photography, the video was disappointing to me.  Mostly because I have a high expectation of myself for what I shoot and at this point I feel that I do better with still photos.  However, I am determined and the video will get better with practice (I hope).  In case you were wondering, I brought a point-and-shoot camera and my camcorder (mostly because I could stick both in my suit jacket pockets and didn't have to lug around a bag).  The video will appear as b-roll on the TV show tomorrow.

Since I thought the photos turned out to be a bit more fun, here are a few of those:

Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show 2013
at the Casino Del Sol Events Center

He's serving up beef, taters, and vegetables.
My mom would have approved.

Anthony ordering a blueberry cosmo while bathed in blue light.
Coincidence? Of course it is.

Meat, vegetables, and potatoes.
A meal fit for a teeny tiny person.

Auction items

Auction items

This is an ice sculpture made to resemble a roulette table
and featured seafood.

Cookies on a stick

The fashion show was here

Selfie of Anthony and I

Dr. Kevin Pounds and Shelley Goodstein
Intentional photo bombs are fun.

Glenn Murphy, Ken Carr, Sally Shamrell

Corinne Hautala, Sally Shamrell, a butthead, Leslie Lois, and April Madison
I felt like the Bosley in the middle of Charlie's Angels

I forgot to put on my tiara for this photo with
Miss Arizona Teen USA and Miss Arizona USA

I see you!
(Thanks to Dr. Kevin Pounds for the awesome photo bomb)