Saturday, October 5, 2013

First visit to Aussie Cantina

I was invited to the pre-opening party at the new Aussie Cantina at 1118 E. 6th Street (on 6th Street near Arizona Stadium and the University of Arizona campus) last night.  I asked Anthony to go along as well.

The Aussie Cantina is in a space that previously housed Belushe's and the Rhino Pub among other bar and restaurant types of businesses that is based in an old 1920's house that has been repurposed.  It has been totally redone inside with wood from an old bait barge off the San Diego coast as well as tin from a place near Bisbee, Arizona.  From what I understand, they tore it apart inside to the bare walls and rebuilt and redesigned the interior.

The food and drink menu has an Australian theme as well as regular bar food like burgers.  The wait staff was walking around with food samples and everything was delicious (I tried about a half dozen things) except for the crab cake sliders.  They had an extreme fishy taste.  The after taste lingered in my mouth for a while.  The best thing I tried was the Dingo Dogs, which were sausages wrapped in a flaky crust.  I highly recommend those.

I had a good time at the event.  And of course, I brought along my camera to catch some Kenparazzi photos.

Aussie Cantina sign on a wall directing me in

Aussie Cantina has three rooms, this is the largest one where the bar is located

East wall of the Aussie Cantina

Drink menu

Some sort of meat mixture thing wrapped in a flaky crust
(I'm sure it has a proper name, I just can't remember what it is)

Half eaten Dingo Dog and half of a Crab Cake Slider
(The fishy tasting thing I was telling you about)

Big Al from KGUN9 and MIX-fm with two lovely ladies

Scott from KGUN9, Bobby Rich from 94.9 MIX-fm and Debbie Rich

Scott, Bobby and Debbie chatting with Anthony

Kenparazzi crowd photo

Kenparazzi crowd photo

Guy talking to the DJ, and the DJ

24 beers on tap at the Aussie Cantina

A beer and a glass of wine meet to talk about their day

Ruth and Andy
(that hand behind Andy looks like it's in mid-karate chop)

Aussie Cantina owners Glenn Murphy and Sally Shamrell

Kenparazzi crowd photo

Kenparazzi random crowd photo

Kenparazzi crowd photo

Anthony drinking a glass of fermented grape juice (ahem)

Sally and Bobby posing for a photo being taken by someone else

A photo being taken by someone else

Four people I don't know talking to each other

Kenparazzi crowd photo

Co-worker Marie (red hair) at a table chatting

Anthony smiles and poses for a picture.