Thursday, October 31, 2013

Office trick-or-treaters

I know in this day of overblown public fears about going out after dark and leaving your house without an armed escort, it's become very popular to do trick-or-treating at workplaces.  Mine is no different.

We had the what is becoming traditional office trick-or-treat today at the TV station.

I have an office in a location at our building that is away a bit from where I thought my fellow employees would take their kids.  I bought a bag of candy anyway (since when has candy gotten so stupidly expensive? A one pound assorted bag of Smarties, Nerds, Double Bubble, Swedish Fish, etc. was $8.98 at Walmart Neighborhood Market.  Pretty soon I won't be able to afford it without a need to finance it with payments).

I took pictures of the handful of kids that did migrate to my office.  I told them to take a fistful of candy but they barely made in a dent in the bowl.  Lucky for my co-workers in the coming days, they'll get free candy until the bowl you see below is empty.  I won't be eating much of it.  The only kind of candy I like from it is the Smarties.  I need all the intelligence boosting help I can get.

Candy for the office trick-or-treaters

My co-worker Amanda and one of the trick-or-treaters

Spiderman is shorter than he looks in the movies

This bug was lucky I didn't have any insecticide.
She survived a visit to my office.

This young man wasn't happy to get his picture taken by the Kenparazzi.
I don't understand why he was upset, I bribed him with candy.