Friday, October 25, 2013

A man with a pillow in the lobby

I work in a building with two TV stations and four radio stations.  Due to the size of staff that is required to run a joint like that, there is always some unusual crisis or situation going on.  Most days I consider it part of the course of how business is done, but once in a while unusual is more unusual than our usual unusual and I thought I'd share today's unusual story.

I make numerous trips up to the front lobby each morning from about 9:45 to 11 a.m. to escort guests of the TV show back to the green room or TV studio.  I spotted a guy in the lobby who was taking up two chairs, one that included himself and the other with a pillow and blanket.  I didn't recognize him as a show guest so I didn't pay much attention to him.

One of the ladies that handles affairs at the front desk came farther back into the building shortly after I spotted the guy and announced that he was there to apply for a job, had not gotten a response from numerous phone calls he had made, and decided to plant himself in the lobby until he could talk to anyone who was in charge of hiring.

Someone did eventually go out and talk to the guy and had him fill out an employment application, then he left after that.  I saw him walk out the front door with his pillow and blanket.  I did find out the guy's name is Jim but nothing else about him.

I thought about him several times today.  And, I decided that I like him even though I never talked to him.

I like him because he is trying.  He probably won't get a job with my company because it's likely he doesn't have the qualifications.  But, it doesn't matter in my opinion.  He's trying.  That's huge.

I have a real issue with doing nothing.  Maybe it's because I've never had that luxury.  I've had to fight for what little I have my entire life.  I try to learn something new every day at my job and try to teach myself new things outside of my job.  It bothers me when others that are very capable complain that life is unfair to them.  I don't have much education or am not brilliant.  But, I do try even if I fail at things quite often.  I believe the reason that I've had any level of success in my job or life is because I grind through the difficult stretches.  Mostly because I have to, and don't have a plan 'b'.

I'm cheering Jim on.  It takes a pair to show up in the lobby of a business and do what he did.  He didn't sit at home feeling sorry for himself.  He went out and tried.  Most people would not do that.  I hope someone who is hiring sees his tenacity and gives him a chance.

Go Jim go.